VCSI is short for Von Braun Center for Science and Innovation. It was instituted in 2006 by the combined effort of the business sector, the government sector, and the leaders of universities in Huntsville community as a non-profit organization that specializes in research and development.

The VCSI mission is to capitalize on the national investments in Research & Development to address the requirements, challenges and opportunities of tomorrow for federal clients and to combine the skills, experience, and assets of leading members of the R&D community to meet important mission requirements in a cost-effective and customer-responsive manner.

VCSI is dedicated to completing three main missions, namely:

  1. Collaborative research
  2. Support of University Research, and their training on needed learning experiences
  3. Formation of employment and economic development in the town of Huntsville, the whole state of Alabama, and the Region of Tennessee Valley.

The development of the Von Braun Center for Science & Innovation (VCSI) gave the town of Huntsville the opportunity to maximize their use of their Research and Technology assets to address the current problems of their stakeholders, while at the same time providing a long term solution that will hold as a solution for the future problems that may take root. VCSI is an instrument that provides hands-on training for laboratory works, education, and preparation of a stronger workforce for the future. It primarily focuses on the development of the youth so they can be the number one asset of the community.

VCSI’s envisions becoming a self-sustaining, world-class Research & Development center that blends local resources with national assets to provide science and technology innovations and solutions to meet critical NASA and DoD mission requirements. It strives to be the leading research facility that has the solution to the problems of growth and development of a community.

For more information about VCSI, please contact the Acting Executive Director at moreinfo@vcsi.org, or simply visit our social media sites to check out our latest developments and projects.