The Von Braun Center for Science & Innovation’s progress to date has been largely due to the commitment of its Board of Directors and the support of the community. It is due to these brilliant people working together that the problem of the community was recognized, and the success of this project is within reach.

VCSI’s Directors realize that the creation of a leading Research And Development organization will benefit the firms and universities in the region and state — not to mention key federal customers — and towards that end, have invested their time, energy, talents, and resources.

The directors wanted to develop the potential of every resource to create a better future for everyone. This is most especially in terms of economic growth, resource development, and job opportunities for all the stakeholders in the area.

The Von Braun Center for Science & Innovation’s Articles of Incorporation vest corporate powers in the voting members of the Board of Directors. In addition to its voting Board members, the VCSI also has a talented group of Government and University Liasons. Although they cannot vote, these leaders play an important role in VCSI as they provide advice to the Board and the organization.  The current Government and University Liaisons represent the government, quasi government, and university communities.

Such organizational structure and representation from all aspects of the society prevent the materialization of bias and ensure that the all possible concerns of every individual are accounted for.

All VCSI Board Meetings are held at Beason & Nalley. The meetings are regularly held once every couple of months unless emergency cases are needed to be sorted out by the directors. In the meetings, development of the current project is often discussed and plans that will be implemented in the near future.

Next Board Meeting: November 14 4:00-5:30 PM