Welcome to VCSI.ORG

“My friends, there was dancing in the streets of Huntsville when our first satellite orbited the Earth. There was dancing again when the first Americans landed on the Moon. There is only one Moon. I’m afraid we can’t offer any such spectaculars like that for some years to come. But I’d like to ask you, don’t hang up your dancing slippers.”

Werner Von Braun 1970

Werner Von Braun recognized that if the Huntsville region was to expand the frontiers of space and meet the future mission requirements of NASA and DoD, the region surrounding Huntsville would have to develop its scientific and technical workforce and, simultaneously, attract technical and scientific professionals from across the country. The Von Braun Center for Science & Innovation is a logical next step in a continuing process that has seen a major evolution of the science and technology assets of the region.

The creation of this new not-for-profit research and development organization signals the community’s commitment to taking Von Braun’s dream a step further. It is also a clear indicator to NASA and DoD that this community is dedicated to their key mission requirements.

What VCSI have are top of the line facilities, and technology. From laboratories, to viewing rooms, to even the landscape and garages are nothing short of amazing. The garage doors that provide finishing touches to the overall aesthetics is something to be proud of. It is straight from those lifestyle magazines that feature breathtaking architectures from everywhere around the country. With it being inspired from the contemporary garage doors in Kansas, it gives the almost clinical building a homey feel. These garage doors are only the best and must be maintained by the best garage door repair in Wichita. Which is just what the hard working directors and staff of VCSI deserve, who strive to build a science center that would meet each and every mission requirements of NASA and DoD.

At present, VCSI has three types of members:

  1. Member Firms (Dues Paying Firms)

These are private companies that have paid dues or provided in-kind services to VCSI.

  1. Strategic Partners

Among these are Universities and other nationally recognized R&D organizations. Strategic Partners do not pay dues.

  1. Government Liaison

These are key federal organizations such as NASA MSFC, AMRDEC, SMDC, TVA, MDA, etc. Government Liaisons do not pay dues.


A firm or institution may become a member of VCSI by signing the Membership Agreement, paying the specified dues, and meeting the qualifications, including being aligned with the technology and mission focus areas of VCSI customers and supporting the overall goals and objectives of VCSI.

The overall qualification requirements, member rights, and member dues issues are clearly outlined in our VCSI Member Agreement, in particular in Article 4. Copies of this document can be obtained from the VCSI Executive Director.

The Board of Directors of VCSI has final approval for membership in all categories of members — firms, strategic partners (university), or other R&D organizations.

We highly recommend that you contact the Executive Director as a first step for any organization interested in VCSI membership.